The Salle Custom Experience

The Salle Custom Experience

We aren’t your everyday contractor. Our relational approach ensures you with an enjoyable experience in construction.

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Before we can quote anything, we have a process to ensure success.

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Our 4 Cornerstones


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Your experience is built around relationships. Everybody’s needs are unique. We want to listen well, provide a product that meets your needs and treat your home as you’d like us to treat it. We’ll first connect you with someone who will help explain to you what steps you’ll need to take in our process to ensure your vision becomes reality while enjoying the experience!


Reach Out

Through intentionality and expertise, we will create a vision, a plan to execute and clear communication. Our project consultants are there to connect with you and guide you through the construction journey. We’ll gather measurements, establish project goals, make sure new designs are optimized and pay attention to things that matter to your family and your home.


Reach Out

After all the hard work we’ve put into planning, it’s time for implementation. You can rest assured that we will follow through, do what we said we would do, stay in constant communication with you. Your project consultant, the same one you started with, will be your guide along the way. You’ll log into our system through desktop, an app on your phone or on your tablet. You’ll see daily logs (progress reports and pictures!), the schedule, invoice schedules, selections choices that need to be made with schedule goals attached. Whether you want to be super involved or totally hands off (like some of our out of country clients), you’ll feel like you’re right there and in full control of the project.


Reach Out

Nothing lasts forever, but our Relationship doesn’t end as the project finishes. If something goes wrong, we’re just a call away, your project is guaranteed. Now that you’ve found a company that knows you and your family, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll be there when the next project needs to be completed.

Why Our Process Works

Our process ensures the success of your project. we take a very personalized approach without cutting any corners. Paying attention to the things you care about is what can give you peace of mind working with salle.

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