No need to move, we'll create more space in the home you love

No need to move, we'll create more space in the home you love

At Salle Custom Contracting, INC we'll create more space for your homes in Landrum, SC and Surrounding areas

Why look for a bigger home? When you can add more space to the home you are already in love with. We know as a family gets bigger your house can seem more crowded, but that’s where our home addition experts come into the picture. We can build into your current living space to provide the comfort in needs for a growing household and you’re not alone through any of the process. We will add more style to your interior and exterior home space in the Landrum, Greer, SC and surrounding areas.


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Benefits of Home Additions


  •  Additional Space. Increasing indoor living space is one of the main reasons most homeowners invest in a room addition
  •  Increase in Value. Not all room additions can provide the same increase in your home's value
  •  More Affordable Alternative to Moving
  •  Improve Your Home's Luxury


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