The Salle Custom Experience

The Salle Custom Experience

We aren’t your everyday contractor. Our relational approach ensures you with an enjoyable experience in construction.

Can I get a quote?

Before we can quote anything, we have a process to ensure success.

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Our 5 Step Process

Step 1

Reach Out

Discovery Call

In our discovery call, we’ll learn about the project and get an idea of what you want

Step 2

Reach Out


After our call, we’ll come out and get eyes on the project to better assist you in quoting.

Step 3

Reach Out


We work hand in hand with designers to lay out your project and have a plan moving forward

Step 4

Reach Out

Construction Process

This is when our team can get to work! We’ll knock out the project as planned in the previous steps.

Step 5

Reach Out


One of our favorite steps!  We get to present the final product to you, ensuring that you’re happy!
Why Our Process Works

Our process ensures the success of your project. we take a very personalized approach without cutting any corners. Paying attention to the things you care about is what can give you peace of mind working with salle.

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